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Saturday, October 1

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

We often see large groups of birds flocking, or feeding and moving together. Those of the same kind only flock together. A swallow would not be seen to join a goose and vice versa. Some special kinds of birds which cross the seas in search of warm regions go in flocks. This is because a bird can be comfortable only in a flock of its kind. Only birds of a feather, or the same kind gather, feed and travel together. This is the case in human beings also. Those with similar tastes and interests form groups and associate with one another. They might not be feeling comfortable in a different sort of company. In order to form a lasting friendship, people must have tastes and outlooks which they share in common. A person’s character can be assessed by the company which he keeps. If he moves in a circle of drunkards, he will most probably be a drunkard also. Similarly, if he keeps a company of hooligans, the person will certainly turn out to be a rogue. If he moves among a circle of refined men, his civility is also likely to be enhanced. Likewise, bad company can spoil his character to the utmost if he moves among them. A foppish young man has for his companions only fops. The proverb is usually used to refer to people we disapprove of. A similar proverb is, “Men Are Known by the Company They Keep”.


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