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Monday, September 19

Beggars Cannot Be Choosers

Beggars earn their livelihood by begging. By begging, they have to accept whatever is given to them. They cannot hope to choose from the alms given to them. Alms differ from meager things to those that count. But whatever is given, the beggar accepts them without complaining. Likewise if we are living on the kindness of others or hold a job that was secured with much difficulty, we have to bear with patience all difficulties that come with it. Otherwise we may find ourselves with no job. But if we are having enough money to live on, we can consider the worth of the job. If the salary is less, we can demand more. The moral of the proverb is, we should understand our own position before taking daring or risky steps. Hasty and haughty actions will bring calamities and sorrow. Even if we are not in helpless position, it is always good to think twice before we act.


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