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Friday, January 6

Death Is a Great Leveller

Equality of human beings is a great concept. At least in being human they are equal. But in actual life extreme differences are seen between men. It starts from the physical appearance itself. Not a single person living or dead is like any other human being ever born on this earth. The differences extend to living patterns, standards, attitude or disposition. Yet the beginning and end of life are absolutely identical to all men and women irrespective of their caste, religion, race, language, or place of birth. At birth, the human should is a helpless creature entirely dependent on its mother. Death is a similar event where a person’s helplessness is total unredeemed. All the pride, prejudice and power built up during the life comes to naught. All the friends supporters gathered around him are of no use. The richest and the poorest are equal at the final event of life. Hence as the proverb says, death is indeed a great leveler.

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