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Tuesday, October 22

A Drowning Man Will Clutch At a Straw

Desperate man will do anything to come out of a hopeless situation. A man closeted in a dark, closed room tries to peep at the outer world through any hole he could locate in the door or in the wall. It gives him some hope and consolation though he would instantly recognise the futility of his actions. In a hopeless situation, man tries to remember some glorious moments in his past life when h had successfully dealt with adverse encounters. then he pins his attention on that moment of triumph. Such an exercise gives him temporary relief and may yet give him courage to face the hazards ahead. Essentially man lives by hope. It is hope that drives man to heroic actions and perilious adventures. There are cases when persons with terminal illness have been cured by an encouraging word from a doctor or a seer. When all chances are lost, the last chance serves as a powerful anchor for a fresh constructive start. Whether such an effort would bear fruit or not is immaterial. It gives him some hope.

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