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Sunday, January 29

Discretion Is the Better Part of Valor

Discretion is a quality whereby men choose between appropriate and inappropriate in behavior, speech or conduct on every occasion. The idea is to avoid embarrassment or distress to others. Our bearing, behavior, speech and conduct should be socially acceptable. To live up to this standard all the time is not easy. There will be trying moments, provocations and even unjustified demands. Yet there is no point in taking unnecessary risks. It needs real inner courage to keep oneself self-restrained amd composed. It is this invisible but ever present courage that sustains the quality of discretion. This quality should be the hallmark of mature persons. Unless you develop a good degree of inner balance and courage, the quality of discretion could be difficult to practice. The proverb conveys the idea that your inner conviction and composure are more basic than any outer expression of valor.

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