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Thursday, April 12

Distance Lends Enchantment to the View

For persons standing on one side of the river, the other side looks greener. This is not merely an optic illusion, but a mindset common to all human beings. A factory owner in a village may be well-settled, financially well-off and leading a happy family life. Yet, he might be thinking that an urban life with faster life style and glamorous sights is better. On the contrary, a city gentleman with large salary, own flat, motor car and many other comforts may long for a leisurely, more peaceful rural life. Actually both views are only enchantments for the other, for the distant. A city man cannot endure village life for long, suffocating in the numerous inadequacies and dull environment. Similarly, the village gentleman will find it hard to cope with the innumerable demands and speed of urban life. Yet, an admiration or enchantment for the other, for the distant, for the unknown seems to be inherent in human psyche.

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