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Tuesday, June 12

Don’t Cast Your Pearls before Swine

Swine is a voracious creature and is known to consume anything that comes to its notice including faecal matter and decaying vegetable matter. It is a predator. So, if you leave open any precious thing, including gems and pearls in the proximity of swine, it will simply consume that too, and later on emit it in some dirty place. It may be precious for you, not for the animal. The real reference here is to some persons who have no sense of propriety or any sense of discrimination between what is right and wrong or good and bad. They speak and behave indiscrete before anyone whether of high office or merely mean. They cannot keep any confidential matter or distinguish between what is personal and public. They are just predatory, take everything, listen to other voraciously and spread it as fast as they can. One should be very careful in dealing with, and saying anything in front of such persons. They could make it public in no time and spoil in advance whatever you have intended.

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